Psychiatric Healthcare

District Healthcare Clinics

The district healthcare clinic is usually the first point of contact for patients experiencing mental health issues. The district healthcare clinics usually treat patients with mild or moderate depression, anxiety or sleeping disorders. Doctors, nurses and psychologists work together to provide the best individual care for each patient.

Specialist clinics

If patients are in need of more specialised psychiatric care the district healthcare clinics refer patients to our specialist clinics. There are specialist clinics in general psychiatry located in Falun, Mora, Ludvika, Borlänge, Avesta and Gagnef. We also have specialist clinics focused in patricular areas such as child- and adolescent psychiatry, eating disorders and habilitation.

Säters forensic pscyhiatry clinic

Our forensic psychiatric clinic in Säter conducts care and treatment of patients who have been transferred to the clinic via a court order. The clinic is tasked with providing highly specialized care and serves not only Dalarna county but also Örebro and Uppsala.

Emergency clinic in Skönvik

Patients in need of emergency treatment are referred to our psychiatric emergency clinic in Skönvik. At the emergency clinic, specialist doctors and nurses work around the clock and the clinic is open 24 hours.