Malung Folk High School

Welcome to Malung Folk High School!

A Folk High School is an alternative form of education and to study here is fee-free. The school is open to everyone over 18 years of age.

Malung Folk High School is a creative space with a different approach to teaching and learning. We offer various folk music courses, including violin as well as singing and dancing. There are courses in different arts, crafts, culture, adventure, outdoor. Maybe learning Swedish is your thing or becoming a care assistant? We also have the ”Funkis” class where people with various disabilities grow and develop at their own pace.

Health and fitness is available in different forms too. We have a gym, a climbing wall, yoga instructors, massage, a health group that organises activities from time to time for example.

Genuine connections between people from all walks of life, both international and native, a mix of everything really, something for everyone is what you will find here.

Access studies for those whose education was cut short for some reason and are now looking to move on in a different environment are available too. For example, you can study Swedish, Math and English here if you wish to move on to higher studies.

The school is located with great nature on your doorstep and Sälen’s ski resorts are only 40 minutes away. Students are welcome to stay at our boarding houses.

We want everyone to feel welcome and at home here at all times. We strive to create genuine connections between people and we hope that you will have the experience of a lifetime with us here in Malung. Please follow the links to apply.

If you want more information or need assistance, email or call us on: +46(0)280 143 00 or

We look forward to hearing from you!